Monday, October 24, 2005

The Devil

How can God allow the devil to exist its not fair is it instead of destroying him which he obviously can easily do he banishes him to Hell allowing him to deal eternal torment to those he deems unworthy to go to hevean. How is he allowed to be all good but stil punish some of us for eternity. This shows God is not very forgiving and sadistic in the way he allows people to be tortured by the devil for eternity. Again going back to the Bible at the end of times God kills "satan" but its a bit late why bother now it is the end of times as it is written in the bok revelation.

Conclusion: it is Gods will that the devil exists and therefore this evil is not directly associated with God i.e. he is not the devil it is indirectly linked with him in that he allows the devil to live and therfore condones eternal punishment and damnation and now omnibenevolent God can be directly or indirectly associated with Evil as he is and so becaise he condones eternal punishment and damnation his nature must obviously be a sadistic one there is no other explanation. God IS a sadist

Monday, October 17, 2005


Right then back to the Bible if any you have read it im sure you will remmember the book Job it involves God treating this guy Job badly for no reason until he begins doubt Gods existence. However at this point God talks to Job and surely this must be when God appologises but NO God tells Job to shut up and get on with his miserable life. Come on what is the reason for that?

Jesus why?

Most people who read this will now be wondering why did god make Jesus if he is a sadist well its simple. God made/had his own son who lived happily on earth preaching until the Romans came. At this point when Jesus is being persecuted his father does not intervene at this point he watches his own son get crucificied and its not like he didn't know it would happen he is omniscient and he is omnipotenet so its not like he was powerless to stop them. If God watned to forgive humanity for thier sins there are other ways of doing it especially when you a all powerfull forexample in the old testement God kills everyone save noah and his familly. So creating his son only to get needlessly crucificied is i think sadistic behaviour.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Adam and Eve Story

In the first testement God is a vengeful God. For example if you read the book Job you can see how "mean" God is. The main point I want to make today is that according to the bible the reason we suffer is supposedly because of the "fall" of Adam and Eve. However the reason Adam and Eve fell from grace is because they ate the "forbidden" fruit, but they would not have eaten the fruit had it not been there, And who put it there? GOD. The reason he put it there is just to open their eyes. He is omniscient therefore he knew they were going to eat it hence why he made them perfect so when they ate it and they fell from grace they felt all the more worse. Also why he allowed the serpent to pervert the minds of Adam and Eve surley he being all powerfull could have stopped the snake or was he just not listening at the time. Also i think the "serpent got off quite lightly really compared to man who had to work for a living on the land and the woman who now has graet pain in child birth. this God cannot be a fair one.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The beginning

This is the beginning where I will begin to explain my religious ideas that God is a Sadist.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was dark and without form and God said let there be light and there was light.

This is how the world was meant to have been created if there is a God, although I am not disputing whether or not there is a God that is a different argument I am disputing the nature of "our" God. For I believe as in the title of this blog that God is a Sadist this then easily explains the problems of evil and suffering and gets rid of the inconsistent triad i.e. it means God is no more omnibenevolent (all good) as he allows evil to exist and he remains all powerful but chooses to do nothing about our plight be it moral or natural evil.

It is possible to suggest that the inconsistent triad is not removed but is simply rearanged with God being omnimaleveolent (all evil) and there being the problem of good instead of problem of evil. However the Problem of good is easily explainable

Most of us are ignorent to the fact that god is omnimalevolent and sadistic in nature and believe in the God of classical theism and therefore we believe in doing or following the "moral" Law set down by God. In truth there is no moral law set down by God, people are just delusionary. This sadist God gave us free will to act freely and therefore explains the existence of moral evil and another reason for us acting in what most of society would call a moral manner.